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Name: Mark 

Squad Name: The One True N00b, Red Mantis, Noble Seven, & Captain Admiral

Squad Bio: First Mate of Fireteam Daybreak. Gaming comes in response to a need, not a desire. Engineer, Story Enthusiast, Author, Composer, Creator of The Order Sanctus animated TV series.

Name: Drew

Squad Name: DesertWiz

Squad Bio:  A magical squad member well versed in the ways of video games and anime.  Only a few have seen him, but when he is found good times are soon to follow.

Name: Eric

Squad Name: Frosty Phenix

Squad Bio: Casual Gamer, Radio Producer, Life Critic

Name: Hasani

Squad Name: CorneredFOX aka LeeRoyJUSTICE

Squad Bio: Dragon Lord. Both dub enthusiast, and ambassador of Ls.

Name: Taylor

Squad Name: DaybreakPaladin

Squad Bio: Commander of Fireteam Daybreak. Vanquisher of tacos, writer of articles, drifter in the digital realm

Name: Malik

Squad Name: Wav3yGawd aka Leek3mwavyy

Squad Bio: Waviest “Nerd” Ever, Star Wars > Star Trek ALWAYS, Taking Ls teaches you how to get Dubs, Music Lover

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